Power Up! How to Avoid the Second-Half Slump


Feeling lethargic sometime after your main meal is common.  Often called the “mid-afternoon slump”, this lull can hinder your work performance.  Whether your shift is late or early, you will benefit from avoiding a crash.  The key is to keeping your blood sugar stable to feed your mind and body consistently.

Here’s how to do it –

  • Begin your day with a decent meal. It takes more than a glass of OJ to start the day! A little nutrition goes a long way, and a whole meal lasts even longer. Breakfast is an opportune time to include a calcium-rich food like milk or yogurt, too.
  • Skip the buzz.  Caffeine and high-sugar foods might perk you up temporarily but could leave you feeling flat later. The fall from a high feels like a slump, whereas if you maintain natural momentum there is less fluctuation in energy.
  • Be sure to include a little protein with COMPLEX carbohydrates (usually those with more fiber) to keep your energy levels stable.  Examples are peanut butter on Wasa crackers, or   hummus and whole grain pita chips.
  • Avoid large volumes of food.  You know that feeling after a mega holiday meal?  Yup, your gut working hard on processing all that food means less blood for your brain to function.  Keeping portions small-to-moderate means no “food coma” and better alertness.
  • And, of course, get adequate sleep and exercise!